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Image by Nikolay Tchaouchev

From the Great Lakes
to the Gulf Coast

Zoos are an ideal destination for families seeking a fun and enriching experience together. With a wide array of activities and attractions suitable for all ages, zoos offer a perfect blend of entertainment and education for families to enjoy. Children can marvel at the sight of different animals, learn about different species, and engage in interactive exhibits that spark their curiosity and imagination. Parents can bond with their children while exploring the zoo grounds, participating in hands-on activities, and creating lasting memories in a vibrant and dynamic environment. Whether it's watching a feeding session, attending an educational show, or simply strolling through the lush gardens, a zoo provides families with a unique opportunity to connect with nature and each other in a fun and engaging way.

We are so excited to present Zoo Bound -- a trail of all zoos on Interstate 65! With each zoo showcasing its own collection of wildlife and interactive exhibits, visitors can enjoy a diverse range of experiences as they journey from one location to the next. From exotic animals to local wildlife, these zoos provide a convenient and entertaining way for travelers to take a break from their journey, learn about different species, and appreciate the beauty of the natural world along the interstate.

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