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I-65 Zoo Bound is on a mission to help you see all the zoos along Interstate 65! Every zoo is a unique and captivating experience, offering something for everyone regardless of age. From the youngest visitors who are filled with wonder and excitement at the sight of their favorite animals, to the adults who appreciate the beauty and complexity of the natural world, zoos provide a fun and educational outing for all.


Each zoo has its own distinct collection of animals, exhibits, and interactive experiences that make it special. Whether it's a thrilling encounter with a majestic lion, a close-up view of playful penguins, or a chance to learn about conservation efforts, every visit to a zoo is an opportunity to connect with nature, learn about different species, and create lasting memories. Regardless of age, a trip to the zoo is a chance to experience the magic and diversity of the animal kingdom in a way that is both enjoyable and enriching.

1-65 Zoos

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Giraffe Gulf Breeze Zoo
Lion Birmingham Zoo

Birmingham Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo

Red Panda Indianapolis Zoo
Seal Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo

Louisville Zoo

Meerkat Louisville Zoo
Elk Milwaukee County Zoo

Milwaukee County Zoo

Montgomery Zoo

Rhinoceros Montgomery Zoo
Flamingo Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo

North Alabama Zoo

Male Lions NALZS
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